women styles and footwear trends

Footwear|Shoes and boots} and shoes refers to clothing embellish on the feet , for high fashion sake and security against the atmosphere . Sturdy and elegant shoes are newly invented , though in olden times people wore ordinary shoes . Many ancient civilizations thought that there was no reason for footwear . The Romans felt clothing and footwear as symptoms of power and status in society which means who is high-class person can wear shoes and clothes , while the slaves and peasants are left barefooted . But , nowadays shoes become need to have and also fashion in the life . There are various types of shoes like’s pumps , sling backs , loafers , mules , sandals , high heeled shoes .


A court shoe , or pump , is a shoe with a low-cut front and usually without a fastening strap . However , some have an ankle strap which is used as fastening . Pumps are usually worn with various attires like suit or a uniform , but are also put on with formalised and comfortable dresses , skirts , trousers , and jeans . most popular brands for pumps are Aldo , naturalizer , rockport etc .

How about beach sandals and boot shoes ?


Sandals are an open type of footwear , made of a sole held to the person’s foot by straps passing over and , often times , around the ankle . Usually , people wear sandals in summers or during drier parts of the year in order to keep their feet cool and dry from sweating . The danger of growing athlete’s foot is lower with sandals because of air entry , and the wearing of sandals may be part of the treatment regimen for such an infection . Top brands for comfortable sandals are Abeo , naya , spring step , soft walk etc . .


There are so many modern boots are in style for women . Listed below are some types of boots

Knee high boots
over the knee boots
Boot shoes
These boots look really nice with skirts , short dresses , and with skinny jeans . As a style it gives you awesome look but because of the length it also keeps our legs warm . You can buy boots in different material such as suede ,leather ,bonded and faux leather . Top brands are for boots are Ninewest ,Rockport , Lacrosse etc .

All the shoe style are available according to people choices such as , high heels , flats , wedges , platform heels , pencil heels . All the people have their own comfort level of walking as stated by the fashion style of their heel like women who wants look taller but cant wear pencil heels ,there are wedges and platform heels for them too look tall but feel comfortable .

Women shoe stores are carry all the various styles of the shoes but there are on line shopping sites where you can shop your shoes styles from the different parts of the world.

As women loves shoes there are always offer to buy very expensive shoes on discounted prices . You can always sign up with up some websites which could send you special offers and discount coupons . By getting those you always can go for shoe shopping according to the season , occasion and give you a stylish look and as well as you can save money by saving money on the sale offers . Always be in trends with your new fashion styles .

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