What Are The Symptoms of Diabetes In Women?

Diabetes is one of the biggest killers of people in today’s world and this is often due to people not knowing that they have it and letting the disease go uncontrolled. As with any other aspect in health care men and women have different body types which means that symptoms can occur differently from a man’s to a woman‘s body.

It is important for women to not only know the general symptoms of Diabetes but to also know the exact symptoms that are more often found in women with Diabetes. This could make the difference of losing a limb, becoming blind or worse, death. In women, one of the most frequently occurring symptoms of Diabetes is the return of chronic and very bothersome yeast infections. This is due to the sugar getting into the urine due to an abundance in the blood stream, thus causing after a period of time a yeast infection. Other symptoms include vaginal dryness leading to feeling irritated around the vaginal area and other vaginal infections occurring.

All of these can affect a woman‘s comfort, confidence and could potentially affect her love life in the long run. Some of the more serious symptoms that may be an indication of a woman‘s Diabetes being near a very harmful stage include bad blood circulation, loss of feeling in the feet and or hands and worsening vision. Diabetes can cause inflammation in the blood vessels and excess sugar build up can make blood passing through the blood vessels increasingly difficult.

This makes blood circulation hard to happen when there isn’t much room left for the blood to pass through efficiently. After time, when limbs like the feet and hands are not getting adequate blood supply they may become numb and eventually lose blood completely needing to be amputated if not taken care of soon enough. Although all the symptoms of Diabetes for women range from being very unpleasant to potentially life threatening one of their more bothersome symptoms are the never ending trips to the bathroom which can stem off from the need of constantly needing something to drink.

Women may become increasingly thirsty and continuously drink any liquids they can get their hands on as the thirsty quench is never satisfied. Unless drinking water or another sugar free beverage this can become even worse if drinking juice or regular soda as her blood sugar levels will only increase leaving her even thirstier. Due to this excessive drinking her bathroom will become her best friend as her body now begins to try to “flush” the sugar out of her body to get rid of the excess amounts in her blood stream.

Among these symptoms vomiting and extreme fatigue are often present among women with uncontrolled Diabetes and are definitely a huge reason if accompanied by any of the above symptoms to seek medical advice and fix the problem. It is important not to wait too long to see a doctor as each day the symptoms of Diabetes in women can worsen and some may become a more permanent way of life; It’s always better to be safe then be sorry.