Wanderlust Diary: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

There are things one simply can’t live without—that endless search that pushes life forward and a burning passion that fuels the soul. WANDERLUST is a reflection of that, just as it is the embodiment of the woman whose fervor for life is at its core.

WANDERLUST is a new swimwear brand from the Philippines. It is every bit the manifestation of the drive behind its lead designer and creative director, Maggie Wilson-Consunji. More than just the strong impulse to travel—as the word is defined—Wanderlust is about the totality of a lifestyle. In Maggie’s case, a British-Filipina raised in Saudi Arabia, traveling has been a large part of her life, a way for her to immerse in knowledge gained outside her immediate surroundings, and celebrate different cultures and customs of the world. An actress, model and TV personality who is later crowned a beauty queen (Ms. Philippines-World) in 2007, Maggie is a also a businesswoman who is currently exploring new facets to her personality—a wife and expectant mother of her first child.

“In each defining moment of my life, oddly enough I was wearing a swimsuit- whether on stage for Ms. World or on a beach in Bali being proposed to, it played a vital role. This brand is a tribute to that,” she writes on the Wanderlust web page.

Just as every woman like Maggie is both unique and multi-faceted, Wanderlust seeks to cater to every type of woman, age, size and color. It is the brand’s vision to be a reflection of every Modern Woman—a thrust represented by its MW logo. And to every woman it offers an encouragement to celebrate her uniqueness and be comfortable about herself.

With this comes the unveiling of the Holiday Collection 2011, which finally signals the launch of Wanderlust. And coming on its heels is the brand’s international debut at this year’s prestigious Malaysia International Fashion Week (MIFW). As one of the few brands invited to take part in the Young Designers’ Arena (YODA), which opened the MIFW 2011, WANDERLUST represented the Philippines last November 21, 2011 at the newly opened Zebra Square in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Started in 2003, MIFW serves to promote Malaysia as a fashion capital. An annual weeklong event that takes place in November, it has expanded to provide international exposure, foreign designers and models that are invited to participate. In recent years, the MIFW has become an avenue for South East Asian and Asian designers to showcase their collections. As such, it has become both a source of pride and a privilege for Wanderlust to be invited to this year’s MIFW as part of YODA, the young and fashion-focused lot that has played such a big role for upcoming designers to shine in this international fashion platform.

Championing Filipino pride, creativity and artistry, Wanderlust made a mark at the MIFW by being the only brand that flew in its own team to stage its debut, comprised of the best names in the local fashion industry. The Wanderlust show at the MIFW was staged by the Robbie Carmona-helmed Saga Events, which is the name behind some of the most successful and widely admired events in the Philippines from Metrowear to lavish fashion shows of other apparel brands and product launches. Wanderlust likewise flew in their brand ambassadors Ornussa Cadness, Mia Ayesa, Fatima Rios, Kit Barraquias and Sam Lewis, who were all made gorgeous and stunning by the fashion styling of celebrity stylists Pam Quinones, makeup artist Xeng Zulueta and hair stylist Cats del Rosario—with Philippine hair sponsors Lynelle House of Hair Fashion.

As the brand celebrates the Modern Woman, paying homage to the different types of women that powers society today, the Holiday Collection 2011 carries designs that range from sweet to sexy. The Wanderlust show at the MIFW 2011 was meant to depict that, thus was divided into two segments that echo the duality in a woman’s character.

The Matador segment of the show depicted strong women, fiercely feminine and a leader in her world who can take on anything. Worn by Malaysian models, the bold colors, shimmering gold fabrics, strong jackets and hats culled from Torero and flamenco influences played up the designs of the gem-studded swimwear—from the Twist Bandeau to the High Waist bikini—to depict strength and personality. Also, played up with capes, knee-high boots, armbands and gold neck pieces, the swimsuits were practically transformed into near-superhero costumes that could only echo how women of character always save the day. The woman’s other persona was represented by Lustre, which celebrates her beauty, softness, sensitivity and sensuality. Modeled by the brand ambassadors, this segment features the beautiful long-haired goddesses in light flowing fabrics paired with studded Halter One-Piece and two-piece swimwear in blue, turquoise, deep purple and white.

The Holiday Collection 2011 comes in both bold and pastels colors, with varied designs that range from the basic to classic—namely the long forgotten styles such as the one-piece and the retro high waist two-piece set—to suit every Modern Woman’s style and preference. Wanderlust has recently released its website, as well as its lookbook, Watch out for the official video, mix and match campaign and the official introduction of the lineup of brand ambassadors. Nevertheless, Wanderlust has already gained word-of-mouth popularity and attention from Asia and aims to soon conquer the world. As an initial treat, especially in this season of giving, Wanderlust announces its “GET 2+1” promo, as well as other privileges online.

Meanwhile, those interested to check out the designs and these promos may visit www.bemywanderlust.com. And if you like what you see, help WANDERLUST reach 2,000 Likes on Facebook (www.facebook.com/bemywanderlust) and get a chance to win two free swimsuits of your choice.