The Still Alive Show,

2 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. During the year of my battle I decided to do more of what I loved and that is creating art, illustrations and designing for the people who believed in me.
As the year passed with bright colors and I survived my battle I decided to throw a show to celebrate my winning against cancer, hence the still alive show.

I would like to thank everybody who came out to support and hang out at the show. Good to see all the homies and it was amazing to make new friends too.

Special Thanks to :
Anton Massoni for having me showcase my work at Tree House Kemang Jakarta
Giorgi Adiraharja for spinning on the night
Adhit Lesmana, Bryony Jones & Miebi Sikoki for making the sales transactions of all the merch come in smoothly
Zacka Abi Burdah for making this video come to life (the dude has got mad editing skills)
Graphics by Pronto Pixel
Track by RATATAT