The Continuing Destruction of Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle’s dream was to become famous, to have people around the world know her, love her and want to hear her sing. Then a miracle happened. She got her wish. Her dream came true. Within a few weeks however, she ended up in a mental hospital overwhelmed with exhaustion and stress. Susan is a prime example of what is known as the Structure of Hope.

What happens to someone when their dream finally comes true? For many people their world comes to an end. They have no idea what to do after they get their dream. Consider lottery winners; 85% lose their money a few years after having their dream come true. All of their emotional safety is based on the fact of wanting and needing instead of actually getting. If the hope is too big & violates too many safety issues, you’ll figure out how to sabotage your dream. This is the foundation of structure of hope.

When we look around there are many other stars imploding. Britney Spears, Heath Ledger, and Amy Winehouse, to name a few, had their dreams come true without the support structure to hold them up. Some turn to drugs, and alcohol, some turn to suicide and others turn to increasingly bizarre behavior in an effort to destroy what they have achieved in order to go back to the safety of wanting a dream.

We all have wants and needs that we search for. The problem is not in the process of getting it. The problem is what happens after we have our dreams. We will either grow into it or develop a support entourage. An entourage is a false way to prop yourself up. It will grow and decline in proportion to your dream (or fame). Susan has a team of lawyers, agents, a doctor and family trying to protect her. The problem is, the more famous she gets, the more support she needs to try to keep her in a safe place.

A more healthy way to handle the getting of our dream is to grow into it. We need to grow internally in order to expand beyond the dream of now into the dream of tomorrow. Once you have the dream, you can let it go and dream a bigger dream.

My solution for Susan is simple: open up to a bigger dream.

Dr. H. Christian Gunderson’s in-depth understanding of health and wellness comes from his 22 year practice in chiropractic medicine. He is also Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a type of counseling that not only identifies issues, but also provides real solutions and lasting positive change. Any questions or for your FREE Stress Buster ebook (32 simple ways to de-stress your life now)
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