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Surgery To Remove Entire Breast - Manipal Hospital

Breast Screening is one of the most common types of cancer that affects women. It doesn’t mean breast cancer is only seen in women. Even men can be affected by it although the number is less. Manipal Hospitals has been putting efforts in educating women and men about the symptoms of breast cancer, its stages and treatment. It is also creating awareness of breast self-examination for the early detection of breast. It is easy to perform test that a woman can perform at home with no help. All women after the age of 20 must perform a self-breast exam at least once a year and if any abnormalities are observed, they must undergo a mammogram and seek medical help.

Surgical removal of the tumor is a common treatment for breast cancer. Sometimes in addition to removing the breast tissues, some or all of the lymph nodes are removed. The breast cancer surgery usually takes 1 to 3 hours.

The main surgical procedures are Lumpectomy and Mastectomy. A Lumpectomy is performed on a small tumour that can be easily removed. When the tumour is little bigger, then Mastectomy is performedh usually under general anaesthesia. Mastectomy is a breast removal surgery. In a simple Mastectomy, only the breast tissues is removed. The most common type of Mastectomy is the Modified Radical Mastectomy. In Modified Radical Mastectomy, the entire breast and some or all of the lymph nodes under the arm is removed. In Radical Mastectomy, the breast, the underlying tissue and all visible lymph nodes are removed.

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