Surgery For Vulvar Cancer

Surgery for vulvar cancer is aimed at removing the cancerous cells that have affected the vulva region of women. Surgery for vulvar cancer is normally performed by removing some skin is that has been affected by cancer and also a margin of tissues that are healthy around them. In some women even lymph nodes might be removed during surgery for vulvar cancer from both or one groins. Women with bigger size tumors might require a surgery for removing them first and then might require another surgery for reconstructing their vulva region.

Depending on the cancer stage and health condition of the sufferer, doctors might suggest an appropriate kind of surgery for vulvar cancer. Hence it is very important to discuss all the details, pros and cons of the surgery with the doctor and then proceed with the procedure after that. The surgery type for vulvar cancer might also rely on the tumor size and position. When the cancer is smaller in size only a smaller portion might be required to be removed but when the size of the tumor is big, a major type of surgery might be required.

Vulvar cancer normally attacks the lymph nodes present in the groin region in women and from there can spread to other areas hence the lymph modes might be the first one that is removed in most of the women suffering from vulvar cancer. A cut in the place of the groin is made for removing the lymph nodes and once they are out they are checked for the disease. If both the lymph nodes are removed it can result in a condition known as lyphoedema. This is because the fluid drainage from vulva and leg regions are affected that the fluid begins to develop on both or one side of the leg.

There are certain things that need to be taken care before and after surgery for vulvar cancer and they are given below. Prior to operation it is better to cut down the number of cigarettes as it helps in lowering the chest problems and risks related to it. Also it helps in better healing once the operation is made. Women might also be advised to wear TED stocking which are special kind of elastic stockings which helps in prevents blood from clotting in the legs. After surgery for vulvar cancer the care the patient receives helps them to recover better and also quickly. Unless and until the surgery is a major one, healing happens quickly.

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