No More Turkey Neck

It’s an unfortunate fact that when most women are trying to maintain youthful-looking skin, they neglect the delicate skin of the throat, which can, over time, result in the dreaded “turkey neck,” which describes the unsightly appearance of sagging skin and deep wrinkles as well as fine lines in this area. No one likes it, but we often forget to prevent it. But aside from applying anti-aging cream to the neck, what can be done? Let me give you some pointers.

What products you apply and how you apply them are almost equally important. Not only is our skin subject to the effects of gravity and the depletion of collagen and nutrients, it can also be damaged even further by the pressure exerted by our fingertips. Use your middle or ring finger to carefully coat the skin with the desired product using upward strokes. Doing so can actually combat the effect of gravity. It might seem insignificant, but every little bit helps!

Make sure to use a full regimen on your neck just as you do on your face. Most day creams contain a light SPF which shields skin from harmful UV rays, preventing further damage. Night creams are typically deeply hydrating, and the skin swathing your throat definitely deserves that kind of TLC.

There are plenty of products that specialize in treating the sagging and wrinkles of the chin and neck region, but if you’re not sure what to choose, ask your dermatologist for recommendations. S/he might even proscribe a Retin-A solution.

Exfoliation is key in combating signs of aging because it sloughs off dead or unhealthy cells on the surface in order to reveal new ones for a more appealing glow and a reduction in fine lines. So when you exfoliate, don’t neglect the neck!

However, be sure to use a gentle exfoliator, as harsh, “natural” ones can actually injure the new cells. Until you find one that works for you, use a nubby wash cloth with your normal cleanser. This isn’t a long-term substitute, but it’s a start.

Botox and similar cosmetic procedures are also options worth exploring, even if your wrinkles aren’t severe. While Botox does not have as dramatic an effect on the neck as it can when used to banish facial wrinkles, it does significantly reduce their appearance and works to prevent future formation when used repeatedly over time.

As you probably know, Botox is injected, while other treatments are done by laser, so if you want the skinny on all such choices, then you need to talk to a professional who can recommend what is right for your specific concerns. Good luck!

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