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Have you ever been in a rock concert where rock stars do their insane music, chilling to the bone rhythm and everybody is shouting more? And you wished that you could play just like them, hold those flashy stylish electric guitars and make everyone scream? But first you have to understand how to play it in the right way. Guitars have been one of the most used and well known musical instruments in the music scene today. Even in the past, guitars served to be the electricity that makes everyone nuts and the one that makes every girl drop her pants whenever a guy sings her a song with the use of it.

Even in the most native part of the world, guitars are part of some cultures. They use it to play music in gatherings and rituals and even play war songs. Although the history of guitar is so diverse and tracing, it is still difficult to ferret out because almost every nation in the world has its own unique guitar history. Some say guitars originated from Spain hence the word guitarra. Some say guitars evolved from stringed wooden instruments from central Asia.

The classical guitar is the standard of a guitar before. It is used for thousands of years and still use today. The classical guitar has 3 types, firstly are the Classical guitars which have nylon strings on it. Second is the Steel- string guitar which has steel strings that can also use to play acoustic sounds. The Arch-top guitar which is known to be a semi acoustic guitar with a distinct arch top, and is also considered together with the Steel- Stringed Guitar as a modern guitar.

Then in 1930 another type of guitar was introduced. Guitars before are made from a solid wood, but nowadays they are made from plastic materials. They are even slimmer than the classic ones and does not have the hollow or hole in its body, however some has semi hollows. It produces sounds through amplification of the electric signals created by the steel strings on it and amplified gadgets such as amplifiers. The sound is modified by a distortion.
Understanding these facts before deciding to buy a guitar will help you a lot. So carefully weigh things before availing one. Choosing the best acoustic guitar that is appropriate for your style of music, if it is going to be use in playing acoustic songs, or rock music.

The Yamaha FG700S is considered one of the best acoustic guitars

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