Menopause Mood Swings

Almost every woman I talk to in their 40’s complains of being very moody, depressed, and irritable sometimes, or they are already on anti-depressants and feel much better. Women often wonder if their hormones are getting the best of them. Small things that never bothered them suddenly are very intolerant, capable of causing family disruption and ending in tears. Where did all the happy, feel good days go?

Often these mood imbalances are caused by the body’s fluctuating hormones. As womens bodies release less eggs, their bodies are adapting and if your body is deficient in something, it will throw the whole endrocrine system out of whack. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Getting your hormone levels checked will help solve where your body is lacking. An iodine loading test is also important to check your body’s iodine level. Iodine is important for so many functions in the body. We take for granted we’re getting enough through table salt, but because of bromide in our breads and fluoride and chlorine in our drinking water, the iodine is displaced. Lack of iodine causes cysts, fibroids, and some say even breast cancer. Look for a practioner who uses bio-identical hormones to balance your body.

A good diet will go a long way in keeping you healthy. Stress zaps us of our vitamins and minerals. Without a powerful diet, women can get depleted. A diet high in lean protein, fresh vegetables and fruits will keep you healthy and strong enough to sail through perimenopause. Refined carbohydrates will raise your blood sugar levels and make you fat. White sugar, white bread, white pasta are all no no’s. White means it’s been bleached and is stripped of any nutrients and fiber. Also, make sure your getting enough omega 3’s. Omega 3’s go straight to the brain and balance the neurotransmitters. Cold water fish is a great source for omega’s. Sardines are rich in calcium and omega’s. The don’t live long enough to absorb any mercury so they are a perfect fish to top on top of salads. If you don’t like sardines, you can always use a high quality supplement.

Sam-e (S-adenosyl-L-methionine) is a supplement that balances moods and is great for the liver. Sam-e is produced by the body but lessens as we age. Make sure you take it with a high quality vitamin B complex which it needs to assimilate properly. Because Sam-e balances the liver, many women report they are losing weight that would never budge before!

Main stream medical doctors like to prescribe Zoloft or some type of antidepressant. This works for many women, but prescription drugs can be hard on the liver. Kinesiology will tell you if the medicine will strengthen you are weaken you. Have it tested by a professional natural practioner.

The amino acid GABA is like valium to the brain. In fact, valium was created to mimic GABA’s calming effects. A high stress lifestyle can deplete us of our natural GABA reserves. GABA creates inhibitory neurotransmitters that will buffer stress and make you feel good. Adrenaline production is also inhibited by GABA under times of stress.

Exercise is a must for healthy aging. It is the best way to naturally produce endorphins which are the feel good chemical in your brain. Many symptoms of menopause are lessened by a good vigorous workout.

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