Male Menopause Symptoms

Importantly, after men started to adamantly speak up about their male menopause symptoms and medicine began to take the condition more seriously, a fundamental question was asked: does male menopause have a physical cause or is male menopause psychological? Meaning: is it all in the head?

Male menopause symptoms — the first question a man asks about male menopause is usually about declining sexual function. Can I continue to perform? Will I still enjoy sex? Will sex even matter to me in the future? Somewhere is his 40’s, maybe 50’s, a man may notice that things are not the same as they used to be in the bedroom and he begins to worry. While male menopause symptoms are not just about sex, concerns in this area are real and with reason.

Male menopause (or Andropause,) is a condition of gradual changes in hormone status. Male menopause afflicts some men between the ages of 40 and 60 of age. The hormone imbalance has the biggest impact on testosterone and cortisol (the stress hormone).

Male hormones tend to reach its highest levels between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. In some cases, the hormone levels many drop in mid 20s. However, some men experience a drop in testosterone levels when they reach forty. There is a significant drop in these levels by the time they reach fifty. This is due to some of the diseases they suffer from.

Everyone knows that women go through menopause, it’s a standard process that all women must go through. However not many people realize that men can actually suffer from the symptoms of menopause. Most people find it hard to believe but it’s actually true. In this article we will look at male menopause symptoms, the cause, and what forms of treatment are available.

Although the thought of a man going through menopause seems not only unlikely, but simply impossible, more and more researchers are claiming the male menopause and its symptoms do in fact exist.

If you are a male aged between 40 and 45, and suffering from depression, a loss of self-confidence, lack of purpose, irritability, fear or general moodiness, you may just be experiencing the so-called male menopause. It is sometimes known as a mid-life crisis and it can have serious and far-reaching effects; it can also occur at just about any age between 35 and 70. Strictly speaking, men can’t have a menopause, as it’s defined as the point at which periods stop happening, but the name has stuck.

Testosterone deficiency is treated for life, as it is usually a permanent condition. Testosterone replacement is generally done by way of implants, vials or orally. Patients typically undergo semiweekly injections of testosterone. For those afraid of implants and injections, oral prescriptions are offered.

The difficult thing is, it may not be what is typically classified as male menopause at all. There are plenty of conditions that can cause these problems and that also may be directly responsible for your lack of testosterone.

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