Laser treatment for Acne scars – Dr. Deepak P Devakar

Acne scarring happened as a sequelae to acne and this can be treated with lasers wonderfully. This will require multiple sessions. The Indian skin has got more melanin production because of which most of the lasers may not be suitable in Indian skin and some may work wonderfully. There are 2 types of lasers, one is the non-ablative lasers and the ablative lasers. The ablative lasers causes microburns in the skin which helps in resurfacing .the non-ablative lasers does not cause any burns but it remodels the skin through a protein coagulation without causing visible burn. So there is no down time in a non-ablative lasers, but it may take multiple sessions and may not give adequate results when it is done also. We expect around 30 -40% results when we do around 6 sessions of non-ablative lasers. Non-ablative lasers such as erbium glass lasers and IPL. These give only around 30 -40% results. But the advantage with non-ablative lasers is they don’t cause any post inflammatory pigmentation. They do not cause any side effects. So these lasers are safer in the Indian skin but they may take multiple session. It is more safer in the south Indian skin which is more high colored and there are chances of a darker shade developing because of the lasers and this can be prevented by using sunscreens. They can also use a post care cream such as a glycolic acid cream, isotretionoin cream 0.025% containing creams. This will reduce the pigmentation post lasers. Ablative lasers use the technology of fractional carbondioxide lasers, fractional erbium-Yag lasers. This will cause micro burns in the skin which will cause fine flakes, brownish flakes on the 2nd or the 3rd day. This will resurface the skin and give better results. These need better care as thy need belter care because of the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The patient skin has to be studies before checking what type of laser is better. The new type of lasers are there which do not cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation , but this also gives a better benefit. This is what is called as microneedling radiofrequency lasers. These lasers have micro pinpoints which penetrate into the skin and deliver lasers energy without causing any kind of pigmentation or injury to the skin. The healing is very fast, there is no down time and the results are very wonderful. Lasers are not the only solutions for acne scarring and in a busy lifestyle where nobody wants a down time, lasers will give very good results.