How Premature Menopause Changes You

It is not uncommon for some women to start noticing symptoms of menopause in their 30s, and this early start, because unexpected, can at times produce feelings of anxiousness and/or depression. The first question many women have is “How will premature menopause affect me?”

Menopause is not just something that happens to older women. Younger women can experience menopause at a much younger than normal age. Premature menopause symptoms affect women under 40 years old who are experiencing many of the signs of this phase of life. Just imagine the emotional impact that this can have on a young woman. Menopause – which is never easy – can be exceptionally draining emotionally for women who suffer from it early in their lives.

Premature ovarian failure, when your body’s immune system attacks itself and causes the ovaries to stop functioning, can be one cause of early onset menopause. Surgery can also cause early menopause. Menopause can occur rapidly as a result of ovarian surgery or a hysterectomy, both of which cause hormone levels to drop immediately. When you have a hysterectomy, even if the ovaries are not removed, they may be damaged by the procedure or have their blood supply affected, then falter and cause premature symptoms of menopause.

You may also experience premature menopause when you have your tubes tied. The excessive weight loss caused by anorexia is one of the other causes of this condition. You should determine the age at which your mother went through menopause. Because there are so many other possible explanations, it’s important to get your doctor’s advice to figure out exactly what the situation is.

Premature menopause, caused by low levels of estrogen, brings with it the following symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, painful joints, decreased interest in sex, vaginal dryness, skin changes, and changes in sleep patterns. Women who experience menopause naturally may have fewer symptoms than younger women, whose symptoms may be more severe as they enter premature menopause.

It is tough to go through menopause at an early age, and you may find it helpful to find and join a support group to help you through this challenging time. It can be difficult for a woman to lose her ability to bear children, and she should be allowed time and space to deal with this change. Don’t underestimate the value of support from your family and friends.

Take the time to comprehend and accept the emotions and changes of premature menopause. Be forthright and honest in expressing your thoughts and feelings. Please keep in mind that this did not happen as a result of something you did or didn’t do. Guilt could make an emotional situation worse. Give yourself time to grieve; there is time later to discuss your options.

Do you think you might be experiencing early menopause If so, you need to know what the symptoms are and how to manage them. Visit the Menopause Symptoms site for the advice you need to help you through this stressful time of life.

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