Growth Hormone Treatment For Short Stature – Human Growth Hormone Therapy For Bone Disorder

Growth Hormone Treatment For Short Stature

Human growth hormone is known as protein which is excreted naturally by pituitary gland. This hormone is able to act as the trigger for the development and growth of skeletal bones. Pituitary disorder during the birth can cause the baby to experience HGH deficiency. For a further effect, it can cause some chronic diseases as well as genetic disorder.

Further effect of HGH deficient include the disorders of the heart strength, immune system function, lung capacity, tooth eruption, and also bone density. It is a very scaring disorder a child can possibly experience. For this reason, the American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) establishes the guidelines for the replacement of hormone growth in children through a diagnosis from a doctor.

Commonly, the children will be examined from their previous growth charts to identify the pattern of abnormal growth. Before the age of 2 or 3, the children with HGH deficiency will be typically able to grow normally before the rate of the growth slows down not more than 2 inches each year. They are able to grow up yet with low growth rate less than their peers. Growth Hormone Treatment For Short Stature

For this reason, HGH therapy is proposed to cope with short stature which will continue after the puberty. Instead for above problem, HGH replacement can also work for children with Prader-Willi syndrome. It is also known as a genetic abnormality. It affects the long bones so that those with this disorder can have short stature and abnormal body proportions. Therefore, this kind of therapy is highly recommended.

The mainstay for HGH replacement therapy is known as somatropin. There are a lot of manufacturers which produce this so that it is available in some different brand names. As the first treatment, the somatropin in injected to the skin by using a syringe once a day. In order to prevent the tissue from damage, the injection is done on different sites.

The children who take growth hormone therapy are recommended to visit a pediatric endocrinologist regularly. It is important for monitoring the rate of the growth and adjusting the dose of somatropin. The main goal is to help the children to grow as close as possible to their potential height adult. This kind of therapy can be continued as long as the bones of the children are still able to grow.

The growth of the hormone can have the benefits for both emotional and physical significantly. This kind of therapy can help them to feel normal and help them get the normal treatment from their surrounding, especially their friends. With sufficient hormone needed, they can grow like normal to avoid the physical problems such as lungs, hearts, immune system, bones, and teeth. Growth Hormone Treatment For Short Stature

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