Every Day Skin Care – Every Woman’s Journal

It is a fact that women all over the globe both young and old alike want to have beautiful, glowing, radiant younger looking skin, and so many of them have incorporated a beauty regimen into their daily routine which they practice regularly, as a matter of fact some women will not leave their homes unless they have performed their daily beauty regimen. This daily beauty regimen consists of three main practices namely: cleansing, toning and moisturizing and on occasion may also include massages and wearing of facial masks. Let’s take a step by step look at what really goes into a woman’s every day skin care regimen.

Cleansing; Wash your face with warm water and a cleansing lotion to remove excessive oil, dirt and makeup. There are lots of cleansing lotions on the market so you have a wide variety to choose from. Do not purchase any harsh cleansing lotions that will wash out all the natural oils from your skin and make it dry. Preferably look for those that says recommended for daily use as they will be milder on your skin. When applying cleansing lotion do not scrub it on simply rub it on gently and rinse off thoroughly when finished then gently pat your face dry.

Toning: When you wash your face with warm water and cleansing lotion the warm water leaves your pores open and this is why it is necessary to use a good skin toner after cleansing to close those open pores and also to remove and excess build up of your cleaning lotion. There are many different types of skin toners on the market so be sure and purchase the one that’s right for your particular skin type. Stay away from skin toners that contain harsh chemicals as these can do more harm than good to your skin. Remember your skin is a living thing and needs to be treated gently.

Moisturizing: So now that your skin is squeaky clean and all toned up, it is now ready to receive some moisturizer. Moisturizers are used to keep the skin supple and soft after all that cleansing and toning process. Now again depending on the type of skin you have you should choose the right type of moisturizer to suit your particular skin type. The five basic skin types are: Oily, Dry, Sensitive, Normal and Combination. For Oily and Combination skin choose a light moisturizer, for Dry skin choose a rich creamy moisturizer, for Normal skin you can get away with any type of moisturizer, for Sensitive skin you should choose a low fragrance moisturizer.

That my dear friends is your typical every day skin care – every woman’s journal of beauty regimens that most women go through in order to achieve that drop dead gorgeous looking skin.

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