Dr. Tarang Krishna Talks about Stomach Cancer: Facts, Symptoms, Treatments, & Recovery

Cancer Healer Center, a new wave cancer therapy introduced by Dr. Hari Krishna and taken forward by Dr. Tarang Krishna uses Immunotherapy: a treatment that enhances the body’s immune system to fight against cancer.

CANCER HEALER CENTER provides the most advanced and prolific treatment to recover patients from all types of Cancer.

With high SUCCESS rates and ZERO side effects, like infections, pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, weight loss, mouth sores or loss of appetite in other cancer treatments, Cancer Healer Center’s immunotherapy is completely safe and potential to cure different cancer types.

Normal cells are not affected or destroyed during the course of treatment

No damage to the taste buds.

Helps to retain bone strength, which might be compromised other therapies that even lead to the condition of Osteoradionecrosis (bone death). But that’s not the case with CHC’s immunotherapy.
Treatment available for all four stages of cancer.

About the Doctor:

Dr. Tarang Krishna,
Bachelor’s degree: In Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery from Pune, India
Graduation degree: M.D. (Hom) from Agra, India
Ph.D.: In Oncology from the UK
Thesis: On ‘Efficacy of Homeopathic medicines in the treatment of cancer’
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