Claire’s Story – Living with Breast Cancer. Part 1; Diagnosis

Claire Stokes was initially diagnosed with breast cancer just over two weeks after the birth of her son, Ethan in 2011.

In this series of three videos filmed in Dubai, September 2014, Claire shares her inspirational story with courage and dignity, discussing her diagnosis, her treatment and why she chose to radically change her diet in order to give herself the best chance of fighting the disease that is now Stage 4 secondary cancer.

Although Claire sadly passed away in January 2015, Claire hoped that by sharing her story, she will continue to help raise awareness for breast cancer and the importance of early detection, as well as share her strong belief that a wholesome and nutritious diet can help to keep you healthy.

Nourish and the Chefs United, was inspired and created by Claire, her husband Chef Robbie Stokes and a circle of close friends who were determined to highlight the importance of early detection and optimum nutrition. Find out more by going to
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