Breast Implant Surgery – The Alternatives

Breast implant surgery is quite popular and is considered to be a great way to add fullness to one’s bustline but it isn’t the only way. There are a variety of alternatives to the traditional augmentation route. The decision to amp up bosoms into fuller and more sensual curves may be an easy one. The choice of how to do it may be more difficult. Here are some options.

Sometimes a breast lift, which is scientifically referred to as a mastopexy, is the operation needed to enhance one’s physique. If a woman is experiencing excess ptosis, also known as droopiness, a surgical lifting technique may reposition the tissue into a perkier and more alluring positioning. If a saggy chest still has adequate fatty and glandular mass, a simple mastopexy may do the trick without implants.

Push-up, padding and underwire added to a lacy brassiere may be all that’s needed to give pizzazz and oomph to one’s bosom. If size is appropriate but could just use a little spicing up, sexy lingerie can do the trick.

Weight gain:
If a woman is twig-thin with little or no body fat, her bosom may reflect this excessive litheness. Bodies with a bit of added poundage will reflect it in the bra cup size as well as the curvaceous shape of the entire figure. While obesity is not the goal, some softness through weight gain adds feminine appeal which spills into a larger chest.

Breasts are primarily made up of fatty tissue and mammary glands. Neither of these will be made larger through increasing muscles via exercise. The pectoral muscles behind the breasts, however, can be made larger, stronger and in turn cause the bosom to protrude further outward, creating a more shapely profile.

Fat transfer:
With today’s fat transfer technology, plastic surgeons are able to take fatty deposits, or adipose tissue, from one region of the body which contains too much and transferring it to other spots where it is needed. Some examples may be from the thigh or belly to the chest. The harvested adipose is purified and prepared for reintroduction into the body. This specialized preparation allows it to remain active for a longer period of time before being reabsorbed by one’s system.

Hormonal creams or adjustment:
Certain hormonal additions such as yam creams or birth control pills will cause bosoms to swell slightly, almost as if preparing to nurse a baby.

There are mixed reviews but some massage advocates report that breast tissue massage can stimulate growth. Since this is an inexpensive and easy option, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Some women want to try various options other than the traditional augmentation route with implants. Some alternative methods work more effectively than others. For women who opt for classic breast implant surgery– saline, silicone or gummy bear devices in a variety of sizes, shapes and textures are readily available. Making an appointment with a plastic surgeon for an initial consultation will provide answers regarding the technique.

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