Acne Chemical Peel in Albuquerque

Acne Chemical Peel in Albuquerque using Lira Cosmeceuticals. Gloria Goodman of GG Skin Therapy (505) 720-0218 demonstrates how to do an acne peel using Sal Pulp Definer and Pumpkin Plus Lira Professional solutions.

She has some acne issues that we want to address. We’re going to be doing three peels starting with a base peel today and I will see her in three weeks where we will bump up the level of peeling and then again in another three weeks for the final peel. This method will get her skin to a level of peeling and that will address her acne and dislodge some of the closed comedones she has on her forehead and around her chin.
We start by cleaning the skin with Bio Enzyme Cleanser that breaks up make-up and dead skin cells. Next we use Pro Cleanser with Lactic & Salicylic. Then we de-grease the skin with our Primer Plus solution. Next step is the Sal Pulp solution that melts the top layer of the epidermis and will enable the Pumpkin Solution to get deeper into the epidermis. Use a cold cloth to take the heat out of the skin. This prevents post-traumatic hyperpigmentation. We then will apply the Pumpkin Plus to the areas that have not frosted.We remove the solution with cool water and PH Solutions. Follow with post healing treatment products: Pro Lite, Bio Infusion, Bio Hydra C Serum and Bio Clear 30.
She will do her home care and will see her in three weeks.

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