7 Surprising Signs Of Bladder Cancer That You Must Not Ignore!

Most of us would have a fear at the back of our minds that, someday, we might suffer from cancer, right? Especially certain common cancers like breast cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, etc. There are a few signs of bladder cancer that you must never ignore!

Want to know what exactly bladder cancer is? Bladder cancer is a type of cancer which normally affects adults who are over the age of 50-55. It is known to affect men more than women.

Bladder cancer affects the inner lining of the bladder initially and then spreads on to the surrounding areas. Bladder cancer, if detected in the early stages, can be cured.

Some of the most prominent symptoms of bladder cancer include frequent urination, pain during urination, etc.

Many a times, certain signs of bladder cancer are mistaken to be symptoms of minor ailments and so the person never gets tested for the same, resulting in fatal consequences.

There are a few silent signs of bladder cancer which may be difficult to notice initially. So, here is a list of surprising symptoms of bladder cancer that you must not ignore, have a look.

1. Blood Clots In Urine
Symptoms of bladder cancer include blood clots in urine, which can be mistaken for urinary tract infection or other such ailments.

2. Burning Sensation
Signs of bladder cancer include feeling of a burning sensation in your genitals while urinating, which can be seen in both men and women.

3. Less Amount Of Urine
If you feel like urinating often but end up urinating just a few drops, then it could mean that you have a bladder infection or even bladder cancer.

4. Constant UTIs
Signs of bladder cancer also include being affected by urinary tract infections constantly, which must not be brushed off, as frequent UTIs can also be a sign of cervical cancer in women.

5. Dark Urine
Another silent sign of bladder cancer includes dark urine. If you notice that your urine has a darker hue than usual, it is time to get tested!

6. Painful Intercourse
If you are experiencing pain during sexual intercourse, it can be a symptom of number of ailments; however, bladder cancer can also be one of them.

7. Leg Swelling
Yet another sign of bladder cancer includes swelling of the legs and also back pain, as the kidney gets affected, causing water retention in the body.

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