6 Hot Flushes Remedies

If you can identify the things that trigger your hot flashes, you have made the first step in getting the upper hand towards the remedies. It is helpful for a menopause woman to keep a record of when the hot flushes occur, what she was eating or doing before or at the time hot flushes occur and how she was feeling at that time.

Some remedy for hot flushes that will help a woman survive the heat are:

Hot Flushes Survival Remedies and Tip 1: Dressing Code
It is ridiculous that even though some people live in hot regions of the world, yet they wear some attire that covers the whole body. Some women may even put on wool on a very hot day; little wonder their hot flushes come like witchcraft attack. Dress in a way that contend with the heat; avoid turtlenecks and stick to open neck shirts until the heat period is over. Dress in layers, so you can peel off one layer after another as you get warmer. Wear cotton pajamas or a nightgown. Use cotton bedsheets only because most synthetic ones generate heat.

Hot Flushes Survival Remedies and Tip 2: Keep Ice Water Handy
Keep ice at hand that you can sip to cool down your insides during the challenging time.

Hot Flushes Survival Remedies and Tip 3: Help Yourself With Air Conditioner or Fan
Menopausal period could be a time you help yourself with a decent air conditioner or a ceiling fan. You can also get for yourself those little hand held battery operated fans or the foldable kind you flutter in front of your face. You can equally make provision for a bigger bed because you are most likely to be on a different heat planets with your husband even though you still need to stay in close orbit.

Hot Flashes Survival Remedies and Tip 4: Take cool shower before going to bed.

Hot Flushes Survival Remedies and Tip 5: Arrive at meetings early so that you can get the coolest seat.

Survival Remedies and Tip 6: Use your Freezer Liberally
A number of women talked about opening the freezer at home or in the supermarket and sticking their head in when a it hits them. It could help!

The above quick fix for this experience every woman undergoes, if well followed will go a long way in helping a woman undergoing this heat to overcome it by minimizing the effects to the barest minimum.

IMPORTANT TIP: Ignorance of menopause symptoms is a disease in itself, and the only solution to relief hot flushes and other menopause symptoms to the barest minimum is by having the right Natural Menopause Symptoms Relief Secrets