5 Little Known Health Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

These days, health is a major concern to most people. The hectic pace of life, stress and pressure mean that we’re all constantly in a state of stress, which adversely affects immune function, and by association, means we get sicker, more often. This means more reliance on medication, which often means more side effects. If you’re looking for natural alternatives for some more common ailments, Evening Primrose Oils may be just the answer you need. This versatile and reliable herb, and the various extracts and preparations, can help cure or treat a host of ailments, including:

PMS Symptoms

Everyone knows that PMS comes with a set of nasty symptoms – depression, headaches, cramps, irritability and breast tenderness are just some of these. Oil of Evening Primroses has been proven to treat and lessen these and other common symptoms of PMS. A daily dose of Evening Primrose Oil, taken orally, will certainly do the trick.

Respiratory Disorders

It seems every second person these days suffers some form of common respiratory disorder, whether it be asthma or an allergy. Evening Primrose Oil, taken orally, as an extract, has also been proven to be effective as a treatment for these types of respiratory ailments. Always remember though, particularly with potentially serious ailments like asthma, that you need to stick to your conventional treatment, and check with your doctor about any additional remedies, even herbal ones.

Cholesterol Reduction

If you’re like most people these days, your diet leaves a lot to be desired. Our busy lifestyles mean we tend to eat unhealthier, high cholesterol convenience foods. While it may sound odd, Evening Primrose Oil has been proven to effectively lower cholesterol levels. Other circulatory problems, like arteriosclerosis, hardening of the arteries and more have also responded well to treatment with Evening Primroses Oil. It may seem strange to treat a cholesterol trouble with oil, but it has been proven!

Lose Weight Faster

If you’re trying to lose weight, chances are you wish your metabolism would just speed up, so you could lose weight faster and easier. The great news is that Evening Primrose Oil can do just that – speed up your metabolism, helping you lose more weight, and burn more calories, while working out, or even at rest.

Treat Common Skin Problems

Have a look at a few commercial skin treatments. Chances are you’ll see Evening Primrose Oil among the ingredients. That’s because Evening Primrose Oils are proven treatment for acne, rashes, dry skin and more common skin problems. Whether you opt for a commercial Evening Primrose Oil treatment, or make your own, by steeping the roots and leaves to make a tea solution, you’ll definitely see the benefits for yourself!

Because Evening Primrose Oil is a natural herb, there are very little side effects associated with its use. Although expert’s advice caution if you suffer epilepsy, it’s completely safe to use for all of these common health problems and more.

If you’d like to find out more about Evening Primrose Oil before you try it, you’ll find lots of information at your local library, or online. Alternatively, your pharmacist, doctor, or a herbalist should be able to advise you on the pros, cons and recommended use of Evening Primrose Oil preparations. Once you’ve decided t o try it, you should not have any trouble finding it online or off, in supermarkets, on websites, or even some health food stores.

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