Self Improvement Leadership Training With Fire

The idea of this writing seems slightly unusual at best. If you are anything like me, you hear the term “fire pit” and quickly think of summer camp, late nights on the beach, and blowing out flaming marshmallows before stuffing the ooey-gooey mess in your mouth. Your mind never goes to the idea that you could achieve self-improvement or leadership skills around a bonfire, does it? This thought is as new for me as for you, but think on the idea and give it a try.

First and foremost, to be a leader, one must be confident. For many people, confidence does not come naturally, meaning it must be learned and worked for. Another reality is that having confidence is typically more of a mental battle for people than anything else. Your lack of confidence is directly related to a perceived weakness. Before you take on any leadership roles, you should be able to confidently put behind you any perceived weakness which will hinder your leadership abilities.

The first exercise in self-improvement is to give your mind a practical means of letting go of these weaknesses. You should begin by writing down a perceived weakness on one half of a piece of paper. On the other half of the paper, you should write down a positive thought to counteract the weakness. If you know of many weaknesses, make a sheet for each one.

You will then conduct a burning ceremony around the fire pit which may be completed all at once or in pieces. As you physically see “weakness paper” burning in the fire pit, you are mentally agreeing to relinquish these negative thoughts. In their place, you are grabbing hold of the positive thoughts about your strengths or your ability to overcome the weaknesses.

For some, burning all of the papers in one week may simply be too much. Your mind may not be able to practically rid itself of so many negative thoughts replaced by positive thoughts at one time. Instead, you may only want to burn one paper per week as a way to focus specifically on removing one weakness every couple of days. This will give you time to practice and improve in one area before moving on to the next.

A person who is confident and positive will be able to lead others. When you have attained this ability, share it with those you lead in order to help them reach their full potential.